Traveling food #1 – South East Asia

Looking through photos from our trip to south east asia last fall I realize that a huge amount of them are pictures of food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner – every time of the day was an opportunity to try something new and exciting. One of my favourite meals during the 2½ months traveling was this one:

Crab cooked in sweet and sour sauce, Pangkor – Malaysia

This was a dinner on the beach – malaysian style. The island we were staying at had tons of malaysian tourists and they would go to these beach-restaurants which were kind of a fish market with a large wok/pot and some tables & christmas lights on the beach. We had the most delicious calamari as an appetizer waiting quite a while for the crabs to cook after picking them out fresh from an ice-display at the entrance. The cab was delicious! The only problem was that by the time we were digging into the crab & getting sticky fingers, the beach all of a sudden got swarmed by flying ants that were pretty hard to fight off without getting sweet and sour all over myself.

To be continued…


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