Cracked egg buns (vanilla buns)

I learnt how to make these from one of the nurses when I worked in eldercare, and one thing is for sure: even if they can’t cure cramps – old people love them!

To make vanilla buns you basicly just have to follow my dough-recipie for Cinnamon buns and then when you’ve rolled out the dough, just cut out squares, put a spoon of vanilla sauce (custard) on it, fold it up and then pinch the fold together (like in the picture above) into a little ball and flip the buns over. Be careful not to put too much sauce in them or making the dough too thin, then they will leak.

To make the buns look like eggs with yolk peeking through, I brushed them with whipped egg to make them shiny and cut a little peek-hole with my scissors.

I then baked the buns in 200°C for about 12 min. Take them out once they look golden. Every oven can be a bit different, and you don’t want them to be dry and burnt.

If you want to make them extra sweet or sparkly, once they’ve cooled down, brush them with melted butter and roll in some white sugar.


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