I showed some pictures of my baby tomato plants earlier, and  can report that they’re still growing strong. Since I have never grown tomatoes before I think I got a little carried away in my planting, so we’ll see how many of the 37 that actually ends up going in the ground :). Anyways, here’s a list of the varieties that we are growing:

Purple Calabash tomato

Heirloom variety that supposedly has a very special rich flavour. I’ll quote from one of the sites selling seeds of it:

“Purple Calabash dates back to the Aztecs of pre-Columbian Mexico, who mixed it with hot chiles and and ground squash seeds to make a special salsa for fish and meat. Its flavor is rich and concentrated like a simmered sauce. Fantastic fresh, it really comes through in sauces and pastes.”

Black russian tomato

Another dark variety with rich flavour that we bought seeds for from Sunshine farm – an organic farm in Kelowna.

Oaxacan tomato

A ribbed red tomato with yellow shoulders. This is a Mexican variety, also bought from Sunshine farms.

Sweetie cherry tomato

A small organic cherry tomato with berry-sized sweet tasting fruits.


4 thoughts on “Tomatomania…

  1. That’s exactly what I did! I wanted to try some new varieties and instead of sowing one of each, I sowed six. I’m now the proud owner of fifty-eight pretty little tomato plants. Friends and family will take a few, but what about the rest?

    • I might just plant mine in different spts of the garden to figure out at which spot they grow best. the weather here in Kelowna is so good that I don’t have to fit them all in a greenhouse :)

      • Hey Kristin, if you have too many I’ll buy some from you. I didn’t start any this year but I have room in the garden!

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