Fussy tomatoes

The tomatoes are finally starting to take off. We’ve had crazy rains over the last week, and as soon as the sun started peeking though it felt like the tomato plants grew an inch just over the day. Now they’re all thick stemmed and fussy, full of buds and some of the first flowers. Since the different varieties kind of got a little bit mixed up in the transplanting business it’s with great curiosity I’m following what kind of flowers that pop up on the different plants. Check out these ones and try to guess yourselves (see the options in this old post):Since it’s been kind of stormy and rainy here I decided to make little cages for the tomatoes to make sure they had something to lean on when the wind hits them.All you need is some bamboo sticks and rope (and some scout-skills of making tripods).

When I started growing tomatoes, everyone told me about how tomato plants are really fussy, you have to baby them before you put them out, give them lots of water and nutrients etc., but I found that mine did pretty well at surviving by themselves even though it took them a a little time to catch up in size and robustness. For a while I was feeling a little bit like Seymore:

“I’ve given you sunshine
I’ve given you dirt.
You’ve given me nothing
But heartache and hurt.
I’m beggin’ you sweetly.
I’m down on my knees.
Oh, please-grow for me!”


2 thoughts on “Fussy tomatoes

  1. Det ser jättefint ut! Vi har också haft sjukt mycket regn på sistone och vårat grönsaksland är mer ett ogräsland men man kan ju äta Målla också! Kram

  2. Å jag önskar att du kunde komma hit och hjälpa mig lista ut vad man kan äta i de här trakterna. Så mycket växter som jag inte har nån aning om!

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