Living in tomato wonderland

When we first moved to Kelowna, people kept telling us what a paradise for tomoato growers this place was, but I still remained a bit sceptic that I would be able to grow tomatoes like weeds. I have been disproven. As I write, probably about a hundered of tomatoes are ripening in the 35 degrees burning sun in our front yard. Small ones, big ones, smooth ones, ruffled ones, red ones, black ones, purple ones! so far we’ve just tasted some of the cherry tomatoes and a black russian, but oh boy, are we in for some more…

Here’s a little update on the different varieties we’re growing:

Black russian tomatoes

Just waiting for them to turn a tad darker, their flavour is amazing!

Purple calabash tomatoes

Still not turning red or purple, but there are tons of them, and their ruffled shapes make me laugh :)

Oaxacan tomatoes

These are supposed to turn red with yellow ridges, so it might take a while longer before that happens. In the beginning the flowers just kept falling off so I was worried that it wouldn’t produce, but as soon as it got warmer, magic happened and now it’s overwhelming.

Sweetie cherry tomatoes

Our first taste of the tomato harvest, and with a nice balance of sweet and sour.


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