Garlic, zucchinis and a precious artichoke


After the big rains in June, temperatures have now reached an average of 33 degrees, and the garden is exploding! We’re still waiting for the tomatos but starting to cash in both giant garlics, plenty of zucchini as well as carrots and herbs.


Golden nugget tomatoes, a new addition to our garden this year. Nice and sweet and ripens fast since they are small.IMG_3593Our pretty little italian artichoke (now eaten).


Flowering tomatillosIMG_3562

Gorgeous big liliesIMG_3559

The cedar boxes are filled with plants now :)IMG_3429

Little cucumbers in the makingIMG_3417

Ripening strawberriesIMG_3602

Flowering yeallow onions with a little visitorIMG_3607

Ripening roma tomatoes (new for this year as well)IMG_3613

The zucchinis and squashes are dominating the gardenIMG_3615

My sister and the giant garlic harvest. I’ve been waiting since november for these guys.IMG_3617 IMG_3622


Ostergruss Rosa Radish – a bitter bite

I convinced David to grow radishes (which I love to eat), and planted a variety described to have a “Sweet, mild, peppery flavour”. Now we’ve finally had a bite of the first ones, and even if I still find them tasty, they are far from sweet and mild with a heavy intonation on the peppery!

A first taste of the growing food garden

I had been away for a few weeks, and when I came home everyting had grown like crazy! Radishes were halfway to harvest, peas and beans were starting to look for things to cling on to and our kitchen looked like a tomato plant invasion. It was clearly time for some weeding in the garden and for the tomatoes to move out.

One really nice by product of weeding out beets are the tiny little beet leaves that I turned into a yummy sallad with some avocado, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin seeds and fresh oregano leaves from the garden, all seasoned with olive oil and reduced thick balsamic vinegar.

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