Garden 2013

I haven’t been updating about all our garden preparations this year, but we have big plans, tons of seeds and things are already growing out there! Here’s a little summary of what the garden looks like at the moment:

IMG_3345 IMG_3342

Sunchokes and onions peeking through.

The front garden has been planted with tomatoes of different kinds among other things.IMG_3335

A new addition in the front are these two cedar boxes that I have stuffed with tomatillos and cucumbers.IMG_3331

Purple artichokes with leaves that look like they’ve outlived the dinosaurs.IMG_3325

The green zucchini is in full bloomIMG_3322

Our giant oregano bush survived the winter and is now trying to take over the garden.IMG_3320 IMG_3313

Bleeding hearts in bloomIMG_3309

The Purple columbine is back for the third time.

Strawberries ripening.IMG_3305

New crop for this year – Fava beans with their huge leaves.IMG_3300

Giant garlic that was planted in the fall and some sugar peas peeking up behind them.IMG_3292 IMG_3288

Yellow plum tomatoes that we bought pre-grown from the garden centre in order to have some early tomatoes.IMG_3287 IMG_3284


My food-garden

Already when I was a little kid I loved growing things in the garden. I had my own planterbox full of radishes and planted peas and carrots in my sandbox when I lost interrest in making sand cakes. Last year was the first time I lived somewhere I could plant my own garden, and even though it got started quite late in the spring (we moved in April) we managed to get a decent harvest of peas, beets, potatoes, onions a few tomatoes and a huge amount of green beans. We were harvesting buckets of beans every week from just this little small plot you can see in the picture below.

I saved and dried both peas and beans from last year’s harvest that I just poked into the ground today, but this year we’re going all in with the tomatoes since Kelowna is supposed to be a really good climate for them. I will update later about which kinds we’re growing, but as you can see in the pictures, they’re already growing 37 plants strong :). I started by planting the seeds in old paper egg cartons and made little greenhouses from plastic egg cartons that I placed them inside. When it was time to transfer them to larger pots I simply broke off pieces of the egg carton and covered up with soil in the new pot. Great cheap way to nurse your plants!

I grew the tomatoes in little greenhouses made from plastic and paper egg cartons

All the little baby tomatoes transplanted & hanging out in the sun.