Gastronomy and microbiology

Two of my favourite this are food and microbes! Therefore I got really excited when I saw this article in NY Times. So many things that we eat and drink are dependent on microbes – cheese, beer, wine, bread, yoghurt, kimchi, sauerkraut… the list goes on! Earlier this year, Rob Dunn wrote a fun article-series for scientific american kind of on this theme. The first piece was called: A Sip for the Ancestors: The True Story of Civilization’s Stumbling Debt to Beer and Fungus.

Despite my love for both food and microbes I have not yet ventured so much into the field of combining the two (besides using yeast for baking bread). Since we moved to our little house, that has started to change… Last year David and I made our very first attempt at making wine and one year later… *drumroll* ta da! It actually turned out really nice. We were expecting something tasting equivalent of cough syrup, but instead it is a nice raspberry wine.

This was the goey raspberry mess we started with.

And here’s the end product – Raspberry wine!

Now the next step is to be self supplying in beer, and the first bottles are filled. Luckily, you don’t have to wait half as long for the beer to get ready for drinking :).